We constantly invest in high-end equipment

At Alpha Dental, Patient satisfaction is our number one priority. We consistently strive to make sure to make your dental experience the most pleasant and ( can we say it ? ) enjoyable experience ever .

We are consistently updating our equipment, training our staff to provide you with the most up- to-date treatment possible .

We use digital Xrays for all your dental needs to reduce the amount of radiation .

We run a paperless charting system to eliminate waste and be kind to our environment .

We also place Mercury-free fillings because we believe they are beneficial to our patients and to our planet .


Our Somerville & Chelsea Offices are equipped with state-of-the-art dental tools and equipment. We make certain that all of our instruments and rooms are fully sterilized and disinfected  between patients to maintain a safe and risk-free environment. In following with the safety standards of OSHA and the ADA, we guarantee that the cleanliness of our office will meet all of our patients’ expectations.

Digital X-rays
Digital Radiography reduce radiation by 90%

Computerized software
To help visualize and understand the procedures.

Intra Oral Camera
Highest level of dental photography

Track Light Monitor
Enhances patient experience and improves efficiency and case acceptance.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple to provide affordable , exceptional care to everybody . We work with families and offer flexible financing to help pay for the cost of dentistry .

Moreover we strive to treat each one of you like we would treat family . Most of our patient base is built on word of mouth and referrals from patients who trust us and their family to provide consistent , efficient, quality dentistry .We hope that you will not be disappointed when you visit !

You don’t have to brush your teeth
Just the ones you want to keep

Dentistry is not expensive, neglect is