Dentistry dedicated to excellence.


Changing the way you smile

Our smile is the first thing you see, the first thing that makes an impression so why not make it a lasting one ?

Are you embarrassed of your smile , Or do you need the shape of your teeth changed our possible even just the color ? Talk to us – there are a host of different options to choose from , lets work together to choose the one that is  best for you !

Fun fact – darker teeth are associated with ageing , so why not give your smile a boost and turn back the clock ?


For all your family needs

We cover all your dental needs under one roof – whether its an extraction of a wisdom tooth , taking care of an infected tooth or just a plain and simple filling.

We perform thorough evaluations at your first visit, whether you have jaw pain, have a nighttime teeth grinding habit or are just in need to whiten your smile . No question is to basic just ask and we are more than happy to help solve any questions you may have !


We are now able to restore teeth without compromising the teeth right next to it ! We do this by placing dental implants .

What is a dental implant ? It is a biocompatible, titanium post that is placed directly into bone . With proper care , Implants have a 99% success rate , and they look  just like your own tooth .

We consistently  get elated comments on how smooth the procedure is, so don’t hesitate – call ( even if its just with questions 0 about your implant treatment today !

You don’t have to brush your teeth
Just the ones you want to keep

Dentistry is not expensive, neglect is